I'm a Raleigh, NC, web designer and software developer, who enjoys helping clients achieve responsive, attractive, and user friendly sites anyone would be proud to reference.

My Portfolio

Developer or UI/UX designer

Responsive UI/UX - a working template with code

View on computer as well as mobile for full appreciation.

A responsive calculator written in angularjs

Everything you see is HTML5 and CSS3 - no images used!

Sample code using d3.js to graph a complex data set

Donald Knuth's Les Mis character relations in a force directed graph

Proctor Brothers - LAMP powered Product Availability

Currently converting to MEAN stack (mongo, angular, express, node)

Lenovo Thinkserver

I was the developer for this Enterprise Products group site.

Starquest - LAMP stack powered eCommerce Site (private)

Secure registration, event management, card processing

My Resume

Current/previous positions and skill set


Graphic Detail

Using Angularjs in making the Proctor Brother's Nursery site responsive and friendly to mobile devices


Global Web Developer
Lenovo NA

Responsible for development of ThinkStation, ThinkServer, and Convertibles sites & member of Responsive Web Design team.


  • UX/UI Design
  • Responsive Web Design
  • Front End Development using
  • HTML5 - CSS3 - JavaScript
  • Full Stack LAMP development